Looking for help with setting good intentions every day?

These awesome Hawaiian Healing Oracle Cards from Sacred Lomi would totally help you with setting great intentions for each and every day.

Donna Jason of Sacred Lomi – a Made Better Studio WordPress Coaching client since August 2012 – recently designed this beautiful, intention-setting Hawaiian Healing Oracle Card Deck after being inspired during her own writing and research in regards to her professional passion – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi healing massage.

Donna has been dreaming about creating this intention-setting deck ever since she noticed that – even while Lomi Lomi massage focuses on healing with intention – many of her students and clients weren’t really intentional about the intentions they were bringing into their massage session or training.

Donna’s inspiration has led her to design these Hawaiian-healing, intention-setting cards to help you change your thoughts, shift your perspective and cultivate new and positive experiences.

To see her vision come to life, Donna took the plunge and recently launched her Kickstarter fundraising campaign for her product idea. Depending on your crowd-funder support level – you too can own one of the first sets to come off the production line. I am a proud backer and I can’t wait for my set to come in the mail!  At the time of posting this blog post, Donna’s Kickstarter campaign has 29 hours left to go, and her lovely, supportive community has already pledged $12,110 of her initial $8,000 goal. However, Donna actually needs to DOUBLE the campaign goal ($16,000) to cover all the costs of a limited print run.

So, if you would like to help Donna make this dream a reality while scoring your own set of these inspirational cards to assist in your own personal intention-setting, donate to the Hawaiian Healing Oracle Cards campaign within the next 29 hours!

Powerhouse Posting Process @ AZ WordPress Meetup

As soon as we have the presentation video available I’ll post that here as well! Stay tuned!

Resources I Suggest You Check Out

Simon Sinek’s Start with Why TED Talk – This is a great TED Talk by Simon Sinek about why starting with why you do what you do inspires others and impacts your ability to lead others.

Google Trends – Great free tool to check out what your audience is searching for and to get ideas of trending topics to cover… you can even compare terms to see which keywords you should be using.

Avatars, Ecosystems & Watering Holes – A great post from Pamela Slim about creating your own audience avatars, understanding what they like and who they are, as well as scoping out where you can connect with them online and offline.

Custom “Most Popular Day and Hour” Google Analytics Report – Use this tutorial to create a custom report in Google Analytics that will show you exactly what day and time your website gets the most visitors.

Editorial Calendar Plugin – This is a great free Editorial Calendar Plugin that helps you see and create upcoming draft posts in a calendar view, allowing you to manage your blog editorial calendar right inside of the WordPress Admin area!

Editorial Calendar Inside of Asana – Thanks Carol for this link! – If you use Asana (a project and task management tool) TutsPlus has written up a great tutorial on how you use Asana to manage that workflow.

Get In On the Upcoming Online Course

Wanna take advantage of the early bird ($25) or better yet the Arizona WordPress group discount code ($20) I mentioned in the talk tonight?

Pre-Enroll for Upcoming Online Course

Online Community Building for Non-Profits

Earlier this month, I gave a two hour presentation at Gangplank Chandler in regards to online community building for non-profits, here’s the slideshow presentation from that talk.

Here are the infographic links that I used within the presentation:

Multichannel Giving

Evolution of the Online Donor

Social Giving

Also some requested links:

Crowdrise – A website dedicated to helping non-profits raise project-specific funding

If you’d like to talk more about Online Community Building for your Non-Profit, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss!

Metrics to Measure Based on Sales Cycle

One of the most overlooked and yet VERY important parts of marketing is measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) by tracking meaningful metrics based on the type of interaction you’re looking for from your customers.

Somehow, even with all the hype around ROI, when I ask new clients if they’re tracking metrics, they give pause and a blank face. So, it’s time I share a little post and create a little infosheet on how to choose and measure metrics that matter around your marketing.

Metrics to Measure Based on Sales Cycle

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Looking for help with setting good intentions every day?

Hawaiian Healing Oracle Cards from Sacred Lomi

Donna Jason of Sacred Lomi has designed a beautiful, intention-setting Hawaiian Healing Oracle Card Deck, support her kickstarter to get yours!


Powerhouse Posting Process @ AZ WordPress Meetup

Online Marketing Course - The Powerhouse Posting Process

Recap of the Powerhouse Posting Process talk given by April Holle of Made Better Studio to the Chandler Arizona WordPress Meetup Group.


Introducing the #mbnetwork

The Made Better Network

Excited to be introducing the #mbnetwork, a collection of awesome peeps that I highly recommend to help facilitate getting your great work out there.


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