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I realized early that you can’t do it all by yourself, but if you get a team of people united under a common goal you can get a lot of things done in a way that’s simply made better.

I love working with the best of the brightest that tech and design has to offer, surrounding myself with people who are awesome in ways that compliment my role in the work that I do.

These creative, extremely talented, yet self-managing people are awesome to team up with and collaborate together to tackle projects that may be a bit more than one person can bite off. I can highly recommend all of the people within the Made Better Network, so if you’re looking for good people to work with, you’re in the right place.

Erica Leibner

Erica Leibner
Erica Leibner
Erica is a right-brained creative constantly inspired by her surroundings. Nothing gets Erica giddier than discovering socially responsible people, places and products. She's the proud pet parent of a mischievous black cat. A Toronto transplant born and bred in Montreal. And Erica's friends sometimes jokingly refer to her as a real-life version of Betty from the Archie comics.

Beyond writing about how others can take small steps that lead to big changes, she's participated in conservation work saving sea turtles in Costa Rica, devised an “eco options” program for a major Canadian retailer and spearheaded the top-to-bottom makeover of a hospital coffee shop.
Erica has written articles for View the Vibe, Jive Communications, Adrenalin, Post City, ethicalDeal and more on a wide range of topics – everything from why global entrepreneurs should use social media to how to purchase ethical diamonds; in short and long form, for print and online.

Erica has also had the pleasure of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs (including Tashodi, Arayuma and Ryan Malfara) engage audiences with compelling, brand-specific content – via blog posts, Twitter and Facebook.
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Introducing the #mbnetwork

The Made Better Network

Excited to be introducing the #mbnetwork, a collection of awesome peeps that I highly recommend to help facilitate getting your great work out there.


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