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Online Marketing Course – The Powerhouse Posting Process

Powerhouse Posting Process

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An easy and quick way to define, create, and share impactful content that connects your business goals with your audience and best of all: impacts your bottom line.

Product Description

How is The Powerhouse Posting Process different from other online marketing courses?

This online marketing course includes short videos and interactive worksheets with expert checkins after each of the 8 lessons included.

Benefits You’ll Have After Taking This Course

  • Know what to write about
  • Have a process and a schedule
  • Be able to easily create and stay on top of a rolling blog content calendar
  • Know what you’re writing about up to 12 months in advance
  • Learn what your audience wants to hear about
  • Define your audiences based on your larger goals
  • Know that each of your communications are connected to your larger goals
  • Link the content you create to metrics you can regularly measure to see how your hard work is paying off
  • Be seen as helpful and timely by your audience
  • Stay top-of-mind with your audience by showing up regularly in their rss feeds, social streams and email
  • Know how to get the most out of each piece of content you create
  • Staying current in search engines by knowing what your audience is searching for
  • Keep your social media channels humming with activity

What is the Powerhouse Posting Process?

You know that online content creation and content marketing is important, however you may feel like creating impactful content can take a long time or is cumbersome. You’re a busy person who wants to add value by producing more content online – by creating a blog, posts on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube) or to create a monthly e-mail newsletter. But, you might be struggling to make time, understand the process, or unable to clearly connect the online content you’re producing to how you want to drive business or community.

This is simply because you most likely don’t have a process that you can trust, that works quickly and that you know gets results. A process that you can come back to time and time again, that you KNOW works for you based on your goals and your audience.

April Holle of Made Better Studio would like to challenge your assumption by sharing with you a clear and easy to follow path she’s discovered to lead you in creating impactful content. This process will guide you on how to regularly produce and share your content online in a way that is connected to and impacting your goals and your audience. The process is easy, fast, and can even be enjoyable to do.

April has helped create online marketing strategies for brands and companies large and small to guide and assist them in creating impactful content online. While working for these clients, she’s developed a content creation and content marketing process that helps people JUST LIKE YOU consistently create and share online content that is impactful in moving audiences to not only consume content, but also want to take action.


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Online Marketing Course - The Powerhouse Posting Process

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Powerhouse Posting Process - Online Marketing Course