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SEO Made Better: Optimizing to be found, liked, and trusted by visitors on search enginesSuper excited to be launching my first ebook, SEO Made Better: Optimizing to be Found, Liked, and Trusted by Visitors on Search Engines.

Those of you who are super close to me have been hearing my long saga that is writing my first book, and thank you so much for all your help and input for the book!

But, for those of you who don’t know about the new book… this post is for you.

Wait, wait, wait! You wrote a book?

It’s true!

The idea was first planted at Lift Off Retreat 5 with Pamela Slim and Charlie Gilkey and the rest of my awesome Lift Offians. I went to this little retreat for solo-business folks to help me gather my thoughts about what I wanted to provide my people (that’s you) in 2012.

I came out with a whole lot of goodness, and especially the perspective to see into the beginners mind. Talking with the variety of hyper-talented, willing to share that come to Lift Off I was able to appreciate the fact that not everyone knows what I know (duh!) and they need it broken down for them and help along they way. I had a ton of topics I wanted to write about, but again my Lift Offian crew helped me find my first book topic. Over and over again, when I asked them of all the topics I wanted to write about, what would they want to know.. they said “What is SEO and how do I do it?”

My people want an SEO beginners guide book that covers the SEO basics – without a crap ton of jargon and with actionable, let’s-do-this-NOW homework. In short, an awesome SEO ebook for small business, solo-prenuers and non-profits who don’t have a lot of time but want to get the benefit and the assurance they’re doing their SEO the “right” way.

So, what is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It’s optimizing your content, your website, and your reach on the web so you can be found for relevant terms when searched for on Google, Bing or other search engines.

SEO is…

  •    not magic
  •    not hard
  •    works really well when done right
  •    free as long as you’re willing to put in the work
  •    something worth spending time on

How do I do SEO?

For this part of the question you can download SEO Made Better ($35) to get started. 😉

I have taken all the SEO process and educational content I do with my clients and have written it down for you in a simple, quick, easy SEO guide book with actionable homework, a jargonese glossary, and hand-picked resources.

Here’s the Table of Contents just so you can see what we’re gonna cover.

SEO Made Better: Optimizing to be found, liked, and trusted by visitors on search engines

  • CHAPTER 1 – The Technology Behind Search:
    Spiders, Queries, and definitely some Mystery!
  • CHAPTER 2 – Your Toolbox: Google Webmasters,
    Google Analytics and Yoast SEO for WordPress
  • CHAPTER 3 – Selecting the Right Keywords
  • CHAPTER 4 – Using Keywords within Content
  • GLOSSARY – SEO Jargon Explained

I laid some simple groundwork for this guidebook early on. This SEO ebook needed to:

  •    Share the simple methodologies
  •    Be helpful
  •    Break it down
  •    Be realistic
  •    Show you that you are smart enough and empower you to do the work
  •    Be current and relevant: based on Google’s recommendations (and other search engines) using WordPress, a common content sharing tool.

There is gold at the end of the tunnel. While you’re working on optimizing for search, you’ll also:

  •    Get insight on what your people like and want
  •    Connect with audience that is looking for you
  •    Get in front of the right people, who are interested in your offering
  •    Become known for quality content
  •    Get the data and details you need to make business decisions.

I’m super excited to share this content with you, and I hope that if you find in any way that I can make this SEO ebook even better, please let me know. I look forward to your feedback and success using this SEO guide book.

Do you know someone or would your people benefit from knowing about the SEO Made Better ebook?

Perhaps you’re one of my readers who is a super-smooth cool cat in the industry of SEO or Marketing or Business and already know SEO.

If this is true for you, I would love to get your help to get this in the hands of as many do-good businesses and non-profits as I can and make sure the information is as helpful as possible.

If you would like to help me promote the book, check out the media kit or email me to receive a free copy of the book for your review and critique.

This book would not be possible if it weren’t for the following people…

I just want thank some of the incredibly generous people in my life (in no particular order), without them this book would have not have been possible. Much <3.

Pamela Slim – Pam is the best business coach in the whole world (at least in mine), she enables me push through boundaries outside and in that hold me back, when I need a good stiff kick in the right direction, I can always count on Pam. The best part is that she does it with amazing grace, authenticity and love. I can’t say enough about this woman, but you get the point.

Charlie Gilkey – Pam introduced me to Charlie and I’m so glad she did! Charlie has amazing tools and advice on how to be more productive and keep in line with your goals and dreams. It’s with his planners that I managed to squeeze in writing this book while working full time with amazing clients I love.

Lift Off Retreat Crew – Pam and Charlie got together a lovely group of solo-preneurs and small business people in 2012, it was at this Retreat that the seed for SEO Made Better and the Made Better Books series was born out of the brainstorms and helpful advice I received from all the kind-hearted souls that helped me see the way.

Jennifer Lyle – Jennifer has been along every step of the way helping me better understand why this book should be written and who it should be written for.Reminding me of my client’s needs and interests – keeping them in focus at all times.

Charlene Kingston – A veteran in e-book creation, Charlene is so much more than a mentor for me. Her caring heart, wise advice and always listening ear have been there for me countless times – through the good and bad.

Joshua Ziering – Josh is awesome, he razzes me every time I see him to get this book completed. His passionate insistence that I have what it takes to rock this has totally helped me keep going, especially when the going gets tough.

Kristen Foht Huffman – Kristen is the editor every author should hire. Her dedication, educational revisions and responsiveness during this project have definitely made this book way better than it could have been with me alone.

Melissa Balkon – Melissa has taken this challenge on with such creative vigor, and I am so thankful for her talent to be included in this project. Her talent has made this book digestible, great to use and even more helpful.

My Community – Thank you to my wonderful community for teaching me, backing me up, connecting me to those I love to serve, and showing me new things all the time. You inspire me to keep pushing and this book is because of that.

My Clients – If it weren’t for my clients I wouldn’t have the knowledge of why and how these things work. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you, and to see this knowledge help you achieve your goals, hopes and dreams.

My Dad – This man means more to me than he will ever know. My father is my best friend, ultimate confidant, best instructor on life, not to mention roommate. He’s kept me sane.

SEO Made Better ebook is just the beginning!

This SEO ebook is just the beginning. I’m currently looking into having this as a print-on-demand book available through and/or, so if you’re sad 🙁 this is just a PDF download SEO ebook, don’t worry, I’m working on a printed option for you!

In the future (if there’s interest), I’d like to put on a webinar series discussing each chapter of the book and walking you through the homework in small group session. If you’d be interested in attending this type of class, please let me know either in the comments or by emailing me. 🙂

You may notice the “Made Better Books” series title at the top of the book… Yep you got right, not only did I write one book, but I’m starting a series of books! The next one I think will be around creating great content or how to do a great launch, but if you know of a topic that you’d love to read about, please let me know down below (right there in the comments)!

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