WordCamp San Deigo 2013I had a blast taking a road trip with Carol Stambaugh from TechToolsOnline to WordCamp San Diego 2013.

San Diego is an awesome place to visit, but throw in hours of geekery on the road trip + two full days of WordPress awesomeness and you’ve got yourself one heck of an awesome weekend.

Friday was mostly driving with Carol, cooking up good ideas for the 2014 Phoenix WordPress conference, sharing work stories and finding more ways to work with one another.

Carol had brought along all kinds of roadtrip treats (something I’ve found that mothers of small kids do well).  One particular treat is sooo tasty! You have to check out Trader Joe’s Powerberries! Oh my are these delicious! Thanks Carol for the introduction. 😀


Friday night I was left on my own (while Carol went to the speakers dinner – Way to go Carol!), so I took a evening stroll in Little Italy with was lovely, the weather was warm, the sea breeze was refreshing, I even saw some really interesting windows.

Saturday was the main day of WordCamp San Diego, it was so great to meet Austin Passy in person as well as hang out with all the regular WordCamp peeps like Dre Armeda of Sucuri and Chris Lema. Loved the content, and it was great to see the way another city does WordCamp.

Carol’s session was a big hit, and it was so awesome to see someone who I taught WordPress 101 to at a Phoenix WordCamp speaking only a few years later at another city’s WordCamp! 😀 Go Carol!


At the after party, Phoenix WordPress peeps Carol, Cody, and Josh Stebel from Page.ly got together for drinks, while mingling with the rest of the peeps enjoying free drink tickets thanks to WordCamp San Diego. After everyone was good a liquored up, Chris Lema broke out Cards Against Humanity.

Now, I love this card game so much I bought my own copy right after I got back into town, but let me tell you this game is not for the faint-of-heart or easily offended. It is after all, a card game for “horrible” people.

It is a really great concept, and I love the way the creators have crowd-sourced their cards and made the cards available for people to print out their own decks.

imageSunday, WordCamp San Diego did a business development / for WordPress developers day where the best of the best talked about how those of us who contribute to and help set up others on WordPress can do business better. Got a ton of great notes about contracts, dealing with clients, and making my own schedule.

By the afternoon, Carol and I were ready to go home. Our brains were full and our minds inspired, we packed up the car and said good bye to WordCamp San Diego.

Such a great trip!

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  1. Carol Stambaugh
    Carol Stambaugh says:

    Great post!!!! I have to say that we made pretty good road trip partners! 🙂 Thanks for the mentions and the kudos. You rock! And you will always be my hero.

    Powerberries for all!!!!!!!!! 🙂



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