I’ve recently been browsing the lecture archives of the Do Lectures for inspiring ideas in business, society and marketing… when I came across this one I had to share it with you!

It’s a great presentation by Gabriel Brånby in which he discusses the history of his axe business – surviving two waves of almost closing up shop, it succeeds by focusing on quality and listening to its customers.

Here are some great highlights I picked up from the lecture on quality, values and listening to your customer:

  • get a group of highly talented people on your team, take insights from all kinds of places
  • start actively focusing on the betterment of your business holistically
  • less is more, take away what isn’t absolutely necessary
  • work on the quality of your product
  • never quit learning about your product or service – markets, history, competitor data, trends – the more you know the better off you are
  • know why you do what you do and share your purpose with customers and employees, look for alignment of purpose
  • by understanding history and what is going on in society you have a better chance of innovation
  • you have a responsibility to bring something to the next generation, is what you’re doing bringing quality?
  • a good company of course has a good product
  • including information and a story increases the value of your product or service
  • once competitors have forced products to become cheaply made, the only direction to distinguish yourself is to go back towards quality
  • share your unique and perhaps somewhat forgotten knowledge that you possess
  • develop new products that solve pain points for customers
  • study the way your customers actually use your product to discover new products or solution ideas
  • be sustainable by creating a quality product that stands the test of time
  • provide a guarantee to show that you stand behind your claim of quality
  • customer feedback is a wealth of information for product enhancements
  • increase communication channels to make it easy for customers to talk with you

I would love to get your reaction to this video and these topics below!

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