I was selected by the lovely Susan Baier who has been leading the Chandler division of Laid Off Camp to speak at their first Small Business Workshop at Gangplank last Saturday.

I gave a 45 min. presentation on WordPress for Small Business, a basic overview and tips on getting started. Slides are available below:

Here are the resources I suggested within the slide deck and during the presentation:

Support on WordPress.com – This is a great resource for beginners that are using WordPress.com, it really has a lot of great detail on how-tos, getting started, and other items that are great for learning the basics and getting familiar.

Support on WordPress.org – This is a great forum where you can get help with your WordPress.org self-hosted setup, customization and other questions.

WordPress.org Codex – Looking for documentation on how to get started with WordPress.org self-hosted installations? This is the definitive resource created and maintained by the WordPress.org community.

Arizona WordPress Meetup Group – This is a great group of WordPress folks (many who help setup and support WordCamp) that meet around Phoenix and Tuscon. It’s a great place to find support, ask questions from people also using WordPress, and get more information on WordPress.

Gangplank Hacknight – Gangplank Chandler has a hacknight every Wednesday night that is place to come in and dedicate some time to learning and setting up your new WordPress website. There are generally people there who can help out if you get stuck, have a question, or just want to bounce ideas off of.

WP101.com – If you’re looking for some training videos on the basics that we covered in class, WP101 has a great set of tutorials available for a mere $20 for a lifetime subscribe (meaning if WordPress changes, they get you out new vide0s)! Each tutorial is professionally done and pretty extensive for the basics, plus you can watch it over and over and over…

Easy WordPress Guide – This resource was suggested by Christie Simmons of Launch MiE as a great way to learn WordPress through a guided process.

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